Missy Mittel{staedt} is a rural Wisconsinite who strives to create art every day. She is a passionate and over caffeinated,  independent children’s book author, illustrator, and publisher with a serious love for nature and life in the northwoods of Wisconsin, which is very much reflected in her work. 

She currently has two self authored and illustrated children’s books {Meet Mack-Mack, the Little Lumberjack & I Love You More Than Macaroni and Cheese} and two self illustrated coloring activity books. Her third up and coming children’s book {Paw-Paw, the Tracker} is currently in process! 

Through out the illustrating process, Missy found and accidental love for making greeting cards. The greeting cards grew into their own endeavor and were recently branded as Greetings From Wisco by Missy Mittel. She loves imagining her crazy cards spreading happiness, love, and laughter to people near and far. 

Both of her books are available on Amazon and her greeting cards + activity books are available on Etsy. Or find a list of AWESOME local Wisconsin retailers in the ‘stores’ tab that just so happen to carry Missy’s work. 


If you want to see more of Missy’s in process writing + illustration work, follow her on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.  


“Follow a path that inspires you.” -Missy Mittel