To be honest, I’ve never considered myself an artist. Even, after I wrote my first 5 stories, I never thought I could illustrate my own books. I grew up loving art, but my creations were by no means exquisite. A few years back, one of my girlfriends reminded me of my school planner, something I had forgotten completely. Not only did it have my plans listed, but a small illustration to go with said plans. My planner itself was quite possibly my first story book that even a child could comprehend. My drawings added to the excitement of the words. This was something I even continued to do on my wall calendar at work for a very long time. The things that bring us the most joy are occasionally right in front of us, if we look hard enough.

When people ask me what my style is, I’m not exactly sure!? I’m not an artist, I just draw stuff. Ha! However, I would say my style is simplistic, orderly, and always imperfect. I also like my creations to attract emotion. Mostly humor—I love to laugh! I also love to use my art as a gesture of love and importance.

I started digitally illustrating in 2018, before that I used acrylics, markers, and water color pencils. I’ve enjoyed the continuous learning of digital illustration and seeing improvement in my craft. It is also a much more convenient and practical method of illustration while being a busy mom and drawing between the craziness.

I hope you enjoy some of my work below! Thank you for stopping by my gallery!